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Life is something that should be enjoyed. Too often we fall of track not sure where we are heading. Not knowing how to deal with the trials that may come our way.

Lets start fresh, believe it or not you already know all the answers you need to take control of your life not matter what the situation is. Whether its family, friends, work, business, relationships, health or attacking a dream. You know exactly what you have to do. The only problem is the answers have not come to your mind just as yet.

My purpose is to get you thinking. Through asking the right questions and using the right tools and techniques.I am here to empower you to find the answers withing yourself. After all your are a unique individual and the expert in your life.

3 Major Ways A Coaching Session Will Benefit You

  • Create New Goals & New Habits
  • Get Clarity , Organized & Encouragement
  • Make New Changes & Accomplishments


 Trevor Ford 

 Age 20 


Before working with Jemond I felt as if in some way life would just take a turn for the better. I just didn’t know when or how. Jemond made me realize life goes at the pace you’re going and also feeds off your Energy 100% positive and negative especially as young man 20 years old living with certain circumstances that are mostly setbacks and disappointments

 Keith Thompson  

 Age 20 


On Friday 4/22/2016 I was greeted with a positive outlook from the start upon entering Mr. Patterson’s residence. I felt a euphoric feeling almost as if I was enlightened when he spoke. He helped me understand all of the problems I was currently facing and with his help a foundation for solutions was built. I’m glad that I met up with Jemond and I don’t regret my meeting with him at all and I hope to meet with him in the future.

 Eric Lewis 

 Age 20 


I apologize for being so skeptical at first. I now KNOW what you meant by those who want more success in their life needs coaching. One hits a barrier and they need help breaking through it. Of course that's assuming they truly want success. Yes, yes, I was bouncing around with things and ideas because I didn't know what to do but also because I had this fake reality of what the world is really like and how my idea could be successful without changing myself. I know now to improve the world, you have to improve yourself first. The more clarification, the easier it is to create and follow a plan to a dream. So thank you for giving me more clarification, helping me set the number of deals that I need to make my goal in a year and how. It always seems so obvious and easy in retrospect.

Book A Complementary 1 Hour Session 

  • Free 1 Hour call to speak about whatever is on your mind. 
  • Whether it next steps to take or just come quick clarity on how to go about doing things in your life.

Note - All I ask for is for in return is  testimony if you are open to giving one.

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