Goal Card

I learned about having a Goal Card from Bob Proctor. What I find very shocking was that although I never had a Goal Card that I always walked around with. I used to always type down my goals in a Microsoft Word Document when I was in High School. All the major goals I had written down I accomplished. Whenever I coach a client I always make sure they have their own goal card. I always walk with one at all time too.

The Purpose of Having a Goal Card

A Goal Card has a specific goal that you would like to accomplish. Reading the goal card every day to yourself causes you to constantly have the goal put into your subconscious mind. Read it when you wake up, read it before you go to bed, & read it whenever you have an opportunity to do so.

The more you read your Goal Card the more your subconscious mind focuses on that goal. Since your conscious decisions are dictated by your subconscious mind and the things that have been programmed into it. Having the goal on your Goal Card implanted in your subconscious mind will cause you to make better conscious choices that will help assist you to accomplishing  that Goal.


Now I could have you print one. However that wouldn’t be any fun. This is your GOAL CARD it is important you put your ENERGY into creating one. Its really simple dont worry !

  • Step 1 – Get an Index Card, Sticky Note.
  • Step 2 – Write the following
    • I (Name) Commit to (The Goal) by (The Time/Date)
  • Step 3 – This is Optional. On the back of your Goal Card write a small sentence or paragraph on WHY you must accomplish this Goal.
    • In case you begin to feel overwhelmed, you will have your WHY to remember the reason behind why you must accomplish your Goal
  • Step 4 – Walk with in everywhere. Have it in you back pocket, purse or wallet
  • Step 5 – Read it every chance you get to yourself. Remember Repetition.

If you would like any assistance with figuring out your what are your major Goals and getting Organized feel free to

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